Briggs & Stratton 10KW Installed Generator

The 10 kW standby generator system provides your family with peace of mind during a power outage with a smaller, sleeker generator. The 10 kW1 system is designed for homes up to 5,000 square feet*. Now available with new, patented Symphony® II Power Management technology, the 10 kW1 generators power more of your home's appliances - including up to two 3-ton air conditioning units - with a smaller, more affordable home generator.

Symphony II®

Thanks to Symphony® II Power Management System, a smaller home generator system by Briggs & Stratton can meet all your needs and save you money in the process.

Managed Whole House

With Briggs & Stratton’s Symphony II Power Management System, our 10kW1 Standby Generator can manage the power of a home up to 5,000 square feet that has up to two 3-ton air conditioners.

10 kW1 Standby Generator System

Running Watts (LP)

Running Watts (NG)

Engine Brand
Briggs & Stratton Vanguard™ V-Twin


Fully Automatic

Voltage (V)
120/240V AC, Single Phase, 1.0 pf

Alternator Type
Brushed, Computer Friendly

LP Fuel Consumption
1.19 gal/hr (LP) 115 ft3/hr (NG)

NG Fuel Consumption
1.82 gal/hr (LP) 180 ft3/hr (NG)

Overcrank Protection

Length (in)

Width (in)

Height (in)

Weight (lbs)

Warranty (Product)
5 Year Parts, 3 year labor limited warranty

*NG = Natural Gas; LP = Liquid Propane. **Fuel consumption rates are estimated based on normal operating conditions at 1/2 load. Generator operation may be greatly affected by elevation and the cycling operation of multiple electrical appliances – fuel flow rates may vary depending on these factors.

10 KW Front View

10 KW Front View

10 KW Cutaway View

10 KW Cutaway View

10 KW Installed View

10 KW Installed View

10 KW Size Comparison

10 KW Size Comparison

We Recommend Based on Reliability

Dunn Electrical Service chooses to work with only two generator manufacturers for a reason. When it matters most you can rely on Briggs & Stratton and General Electric brand generators to deliver power when your service area experiences a power outage. You can shop based on price however, we recommend based on experience.

Dunn Electrical Service stands behind these recommendations based on hands-on experience being on-site with customers when an (alternate brand) generator fails to deliver power in an emergency. Your safety and the convenience of having continuous power is a matter of reliability and confidence rather than which generator is the lowest price. Lower priced products can often set you up to fail when it matters most. Call or contact us to today to discuss your needs, so we can make a solid recommendation to meet or exceed your emergency power needs.

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