One of the most important fire safety devices for the home is the smoke alarm.

The primary job of the smoke alarm is to protect you from fires while you and your family is asleep.

Your alarms should be located on each floor level of the home, and in each bedroom. There are two types of home smoke alarms available; the ion type and the photoelectric type. The ion type reacts faster to open flaming fires.

The photoelectric type reacts faster to smoldering fires and is less likely to react to cooking. Both types provide good protection and can be used without worry.

Fire safety organizations promote “change your clocks, change your batteries” when the change is made back from daylight savings time each fall. Smoke alarms installed in a house may be operated from the household electrical power and not need battery replacement. This type of alarm has a “power on” light to tell you that the alarm has power. Smoke alarms are available which run on house power but also have a battery in case the main power fails. Both types of alarms need to be tested monthly and batteries should be replaced yearly just as with the battery-only operated type. If the testing mechanism does not work properly, the alarm should be replaced immediately. Don’t forget! Make and practice your family’s emergency escape plan!


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