Home Electrical Fire Prevention

Electrical fires in our homes claim the lives of 485 Americans each year and injure 2,305 more. Some of these fires are caused by electrical system failures and appliance defects, but many more are caused by the misuse and poor maintenance of electrical appliances, incorrectly installed wiring, and overloaded circuits and extension cords.

Safety Check:

Routinely check your electrical appliances and wiring.
Frayed wires can cause fires. Replace all worn, old or damaged appliance cords immediately.
Use extension cords wisely and don’t overload them.
Keep electrical appliances away from wet floors and counters; especially in the kitchen and bathroom.
When buying electrical appliances look for products that are evaluated by a nationally recognized laboratory, such as Underwriters Laboratories (UL).
Don’t allow children to play with or around electrical appliances like space heaters, irons and hair dryers.
Keep clothes, curtains and other potentially combustible items at least three feet from all heaters.
If an appliance has a three prong plug, use it only in a three slot outlet.
Never overload extension cords, or wall sockets. Shut off, and professionally replace, light switches that are hot to touch and lights that flicker.
Use child-proof electrical outlets.
Check your electrical tools regularly for signs of wear. If the cords are frayed or cracked, replace them.
Replace the batteries in your smoke alarms.
Practice a home escape plan frequently with your family.


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