Electrical Inspections

Dunn Electrical Service of Clarksville, TN is an expert in residential and commercial thermal imaging to detect potential electrical problems before they cause a catastrophic failure.

Thermal Imaging measures heat loss from loose connections.

Dunn Electrical Service is Clarksville, TN’s best electrician for residential and commercial electrical preventive maintenance inspections. Thermal imaging cameras are excellent tools for home inspections because they can measure the heat energy (infrared wavelengths) an object emits. This is helpful during preventive maintenance inspections to detect a wide variety of issues you can get resolved before they become a problem.

This is particularly helpful in that it is not only safe for you and non-invasive, thermal imaging scans can reveal things that normal cameras or even the naked eye can’t see. They can point out issues such as overloaded electrical services and loose connections. These problems can lead to thousands of dollars in damage to a property, which is extremely beneficial to know. Be proactive versus reactive.

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