Here is an example of a typical  indoor office upgrade


Replacing outdated 40- and 34-watt T-12 fluorescent lamps with more energy efficient T-8 lamps and electronic ballasts can bring substantial savings; in some cases up to 50% of total lighting cost.

A typical office setting consisting of 2′ by 4′ fluorescent fixtures with standard magnetic ballasts and standard T-12 lamps, upgraded to 4 lamp fixture electronic ballasts and new T-8 lamps, potentially saves $33.00 per fixture annually in energy alone. In addition, this new ballast comes with a one-year warranty and virtually no maintenance costs.

Standard metal halide lighting, most commonly used in high-ceiling accommodations, is being revolutionized by new Pulse-Start Metal Halide technology. Pulse-start systems have the highest maintained lumens in the industry and faster warm-up and restart times. This upgrade will save significant energy and provide brighter, better lighting for your workplace.

An existing high-ceiling lighting system consisting of a 400-watt High Pressure Sodium Lamp can be upgraded to a 350-watt Pulse-Start Metal Halide Lamp and conserve energy by 89 watts for a potential annual saving of $57.85 per fixture.


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